• Compassionate Connecting

    Awakening individuals and organizations through the power of compassionate connecting

  • About Compassionate Connecting

    We help professionals communicate to connect, collaborate and contribute at work, at home and in their communities


    • Thriving individuals co-create thriving organizations
    • Better Innovation - the best ideas win (not the loudest voices)
    • Higher Quality - problems/solutions surfaced faster ~ safety, trust
    • Authentic conversations lead to predictability
    • Easier personal interactions based on mutual respect and understanding
    • Higher rates of recurring business
    • Better client relationships, fewer conflicts
    • Attract and retain the best people because they're happier
  • Testimonials

    a few words from satisfied clients

    Josef Houska

    Senior Counsel at Valle Makoff LLP

    "Have you ever understood something intellectually, but then had someone cause you to experience that understanding, so that inexplicably your understanding is not just in your brain, but in your bones? Mr. Prieto helps me in that way..."

    Stefan Schmitz

    Sr Staff Software Engineer at Accuray

    "His teaching style is masterful, he's extremely effective in any size group from 1:1 to over 50. He facilitates learning by creating rapport and an open and accepting atmosphere. His explanations are clear, concise, insightful, wise and so easy to absorb."

    Steve Fitzsimons

    Senior Project Manager at W-Trans

    "He was a very effective leader, organized, provided very useful handouts; he led the seminar with a nice blend of instruction, demonstration, and practice sessions, with an emphasis on the practice sessions. I recommend him to others who want to enhance their team's collaboration skills."

    Rich Worthington

    Senior Engineer at ZOLL Circulation

    "James led the workshop effectively; several men described it as "life changing", and as having a profound impact on how they view their personal relationships. James effectively managed our group of 50 men, including a number of strong and vocal personalities firmly but with great compassion. I highly recommend James Prieto."

  • Services

    We are experienced technologists that developed connecting communication skills, and are passionate to bring them back


    Compassionate Communication Trainer, Life Coach

    Would you like some support in your growth journey, find clarity, motivation fulfilling relationships through deeper connection? Or perhaps your organization needs emotional safety, authenticity and trust so the best ideas win? Contact me below or through LinkedIn to start a conversation on how I can support you. You can book me here.

    Communication Workshops

    Customized for your needs

    Looking for flow and predictability in your organization? Do you want a competitive edge through joyful collaboration to attract and retain the best people? Develop your organization's emotional intelligence through compassionate communication workshops. Contact me below or through LinkedIn to start a conversation on how I can support you. You can book me here.

    Conflict Resolution and Mediation

    Facilitated Communication for Resolution

    Are you frustrated because you'd like to be heard and understood? Would you like an NVC-based mediated dialogue for resolving your conflicts? Contact me below or through LinkedIn to start a conversation on how I can support you. You can book me here.

    Silicon Valley NVC

    San Francisco South Bay Area NVC Events

    Would you like to practice communicating compassionately? Would you like to connect in community? Join us on Facebook or on Meetup.

  • Offerings

    in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area

    Silicon Valley Mini-Workshops in Sunnyvale
    $20.00 - $30.00
    NVC Foundations Workshop in San Jose, CA on Sept 15, 2019 from 9:30AM to 5:30PM
    $1.00 - $500.00
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