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    an interactive workshop introducing self-empathy from Nonviolent Communication (NVC) applied to triggered situations. Click here to register.

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    Would you like freedom from reacting to imaginary bullets?

    Join us on this 10-week journey to choicefulness Starting Wed Oct 20 @12pm PDT. Click on pic to register

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    Conversational Connection 

    10wk Series starts 10/18

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  • Everyone wins in collaborative organizations

    We guarantee increased communication skills, resulting in higher predictability, innovation and productivity

    cooperation, collaboration and celebration

    How does increased communication result in higher predictability, innovation and productivity?

    • Thriving individuals co-create thriving organizations
    • Easier personal interactions based on mutual respect and understanding create trust and safety
    • Emotional safety encourages authentic conversations that lead to predictability
    • Innovation flows because the best ideas win (not the loudest voices)
    • Problems and resulting solutions surfaced faster through increased communication leading to higher quality
    • Better client relationships, fewer conflicts lead to higher rates of recurring business
    • Attract and retain the best people because they're happier
    cooperation, collaboration and celebration

    Leverage Collaborative Communication

    • Collaborative Communication (aka. Nonviolent Communication, NVC) was created by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD who founded the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC.org)
    • NVC is an integrated system of interpersonal concepts and skills that fosters high quality relationships, a positive environment, and effective communication
    • NVC is used throughout the world to mediate conflict, transform organizations, and inspire new levels of dialogue and connection
    • NVC supports organically co-creating a compassionate-collaborative culture
    Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)

    Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)

  • Bio

    James Prieto

    Certified NVC Trainer, Agile Coach
    James Prieto author, engineer, nature lover helps professionals communicate to connect through workshops, coaching and business consulting. He started his career in electrical and computer engineering, satellite communications, and Agile development. After several decades in the technology industry, he experienced the need for compassionate leadership and a collaborative organizational culture. Click here for an extended bio.
  • Testimonials

    a few words from satisfied clients

    Steve Fitzsimons

    Quionna Allen

    Founder, Caldwell Allen Consulting

    "This class with James gave me practical skills to deal with challenging conversations in my personal and professional life. My favorite takeaway was self-empathy. Learning that I could apply NVC for myself was eye opening! I highly recommend courses with James!"

    Steve Fitzsimons

    Margaret Reed

    Professional Actor & Acting Coach

    "I'm extremely grateful for the modeling of NVC techniques & Compassionate Connecting that James Prieto continuously and humbly exhibits during all the classes along with his compassion and expertise in answering participants' needs and questions. If you've ever had difficulty in communicating with your relatives, your spouse, your office mates, your students, your boss, or anyone, this course will give you vital insights, skills, and practical tools that will help you reach successful connections and conversations with them."
    Sandra Shpilberg

    Sandra Shpilberg

    Founder & CEO of Seeker Health, Author of New Startup Mindset

    "I highly recommend James for organizational culture communication training and coaching. He's an outstanding facilitator and coach. I’ve experienced his facilitation skills in corporate and in community. He led an empathy workshop for our employees, and his work was extremely well received and effective in building trust and compassion among our team. He tunes in to the needs of his audience and delivers both content and an experience that are centering, inspiring and effective."

    Mala Ramakrishnan

    Mala Ramakrishnan

    Founder and CEO at Stealth Startup

    "I've attend his workshops as well as 1:1 training on using NVC. He's incredible, his listening skills as well as ability to exude empathy is very infectious. He is an excellent teacher, very passionate about bringing NVC. His ability to manage a crowd is truly admirable - driving home points on empathy in time-bound workshop -presenting conflicting situations among a very interactive and diverse crowd, while still driving his agenda within strict time limits. I highly recommend working with James."

    Rich Worthington

    Rich Worthington

    Senior Engineer at ZOLL Circulation

    "James led the workshop effectively; several men described it as 'life changing', and as having a profound impact on how they view their personal relationships. James effectively managed our group of 50 men, including a number of strong and vocal personalities firmly but with great compassion. I highly recommend James Prieto."

    Josef Houska

    Josef Houska

    Senior Counsel at Valle Makoff LLP

    "Have you ever understood something intellectually, but then had someone cause you to experience that understanding, so that inexplicably your understanding is not just in your brain, but in your bones? Mr. Prieto helps me in that way..."

    Steve Fitzsimons

    Steve Fitzsimons

    Senior Project Manager at W-Trans

    "He was a very effective leader, organized, provided very useful handouts; he led the seminar with a nice blend of instruction, demonstration, and practice sessions, with an emphasis on the practice sessions. I recommend him to others who want to enhance their team's collaboration skills."

    Steve Fitzsimons

    Stefan Schmitz

    Sr Staff Software Engineer at Accuray

    "His teaching style is masterful, he's extremely effective in any size group from 1:1 to over 50. He facilitates learning by creating rapport and an open and accepting atmosphere. His explanations are clear, concise, insightful, wise and so easy to absorb."

  • Services

    Consulting services for individuals and organizations focused on collaborative communication and compassionate leadership training, coaching and mentoring

    James Prieto Communications Coach

    Online or In-person in Silicon Valley California

    Would you like some support in developing your communication skills through experienced coaching or mentoring? Contact me or book a free consultation. More information is available here.
    Agile Communications Workshops

    Communication + Leadership Workshops

    Customized workshops for your organization

    Looking for flow and predictability in your organization? Do you want to attract and retain the best people? Develop your organization's emotional intelligence through compassionate leadership workshops. Contact us or book a free consultation.
    organizational culture transformation

    Organizational Culture Transformation

    Facilitating change through compassionate leadership

    Are you wondering why organization isn't flowing as smoothly and effectively as you'd like? We offer training, coaching, webinars, feedback and measurements to effectuate sustainable improvements. Contact us or book a free consultation.
    Meditation and Conflict Resolution through NVC

    Conflict Resolution and Mediation

    Facilitated Conversations

    Would you like a mediated dialogue for resolving your conflicts? Contact us or book a free consultation.
    SF South Bay NVC Community Events

    Silicon Valley NVC - Nonviolent Communication

    Online or In-person in Silicon Valley California

    Would you like to practice communicating compassionately, to connect and learn in community? Join us on Facebook or on Meetup.
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9. Governing Law

1. Services Provided
Consulting, Coaching, Training, Facilitation services are provided. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is not therapy -- not a clinical service. Nonviolent Communication is a "language of life" -- reference the book with that title by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. The purpose of coaching and training is to provide information about NVC related practices. While you may be invited to bring real life situations for practice, we will only work with feelings of intensity 5 or less out of 10 (being the most intense) -- i.e. not working with trauma. Consulting clients, coaching clients and workshop participants are responsible for their own personal emotional safety.

2. Prices And Payment
Prices for workshops or events are listed in the website; promotional codes may provide discounts to stated prices. Hourly service prices are negotiated and agreed by all parties and confirmed via email. Payment is expected before the scheduled session begins. Services scheduled may be rescheduled without penalty if done with 24 hours notice; "no shows" forfeit payment. 

3. Shipping And Delivery
Not applicable at this time.

4. Guarantees And Warranties
No guarantees or warranties are provided.

5. Refunds And Complaints
Requests for refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis, in a good-faith effort to acknowledge everyone's needs. Refunds for services purchased online incur a 10% service charge to cover transaction and administration fees. Some trainings require changes to be notified some time before the event and are listed in the event description. Complaints should be directed through the Contact form on the home page; the consultant providing the service will communicate in integrity with the values of nonviolent communication (NVC). If an impasse is reached, and the stakes warrant, another NVC mediation will be used to address the complaint.

6. Limitation Of Liability
Liability is limited to the cost of the services provided. Not liable for any indirect damages that may occur.

7. Intellectual Property Rights
All materials provided in trainings, workshops or coaching sessions are copyrighted and for personal use only.

8. Future Changes
From time to time we may change the Terms & Conditions either because of changes in our business, or due to changes in governing law. If you opt-in to the mailing list, any changes will be included at the bottom of the next newsletter.

9. Governing Law
These Terms & Conditions follow applicable laws of the City of San Jose, the County of Santa Clara, the State of California, and the United States of America.
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