Personal Development Guiding: Deep Listening, NVC Coaching/Mediation, Wild Heart

Personal Development Guiding: Deep Listening, NVC Coaching/Mediation, Wild Heart

$100.00 - $200.00
Would you like some support to:
* engage life more energized, alive and connected?
* reawaken dormant resources of wholeness?
* develop personal practices for self-empathy and self-healing?
* re-wild yourself while accessing natural compassion?
* explore nature-based practices for cultivating wholeness in the seven directions?
* develop an empathic dreamwork practice to listen to the wisdom of your unconscious?
* to prepare for the journey toward becoming your truest self, providing your unique gift that the world desperately needs
* to bring your interactions alive as a means of expressing your wild wholeness
* I’m available for guiding through Zoom (find a slot on my availability calendar), or in-person sessions in the Kansas City area (send request via email).

Please select the largest rate possible to support me and other people who do not have as much to contribute financially; sliding scale available based on ability to pay. First 30 minutes free. Preferred payments through Venmo (@Jaime-L-Prieto-Jr), or through your banking app with Zelle "" (last 4 digits of my phone are 2026)

Cover Art by Doug Van Houten
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We co-create a guiding plan to meet your needs, addressing your ongoing conversations in support of your personal development. We’ll weave the threads of your life experience through Nonviolent Communication (NVC), while cultivating wholeness through Wild Heart nature-based practices.


  • You may send money through Venmo @‌Jaime-L-Prieto (phone ends in 2026)
  • or Zelle through your bank app at “” (legal name is “Jaime Prieto” phone ends in 2026)
  • or my least favorite way through PayPal JamesPrieto


  • CNVC Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communications (
  • Wild Mind Guiding Apprentice L1  (



James Prieto is an author, poet, CNVC Certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Trainer, and nature-based Wild Heart guide. James guides toward connection through NVC workshops and “Wild Heart” nature-based depth-psychology personal development -- inspired by Wild Mind - Field Guide to the Human Psyche by Bill Plotkin, Ph.D. He’s passionate about the intersection of Animas Valley inspired work with NVC as a way to contribute to Earth elder Joanna Macy’s “Great Turning” and Thomas Berry’s “Great Work.” Click here for James' extended bio.


All sessions are online through Zoom, scheduled through my availability calendar  (In-person walk-and-talk hikes/walks/sessions are possible in Silicon Valley/South Bay Area of California through request and prior coordination)


James encourages wholistic healing, where the guide first supports the individual to cultivate the Self, and then coaches the individual to self-heal using the resources of the Self.  The development of the Self also enables the cultivation of the four windows of knowing: heart-centered thinking, full-bodied feeling, full-presence sensing, and deep imagination. The cultivation of these and other innate human capacities engenders mature humans capable of embodying their human wholeness rather than living through the fragments of psyche elicited by our mainstream Western modes of parenting, education, religion, and entertainment.


Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is an excellent practice for cultivating heart-centered thinking, facilitating a conscious dialogue with all aspects of ourselves, other people and the more-than-human natural world. When NVC is practiced through the four windows of knowing, it can become a personal practice of cultivating wholeness and a practice of collaborative empathic discovery to uncover new intuitions.


Soul-centric dreamwork guiding is another window into the Self -- through this work the dream reveals personal insight.


Sample NVC outcomes:

  • upgrade your communication skills for more connection
  • get unstuck through deep empathic listening
  • visit situations that might have triggered pain
  • learn to make clear and powerful requests 
  • develop a heart-based language and consciousness 
  • learn to listen deeply through the power of empathy 
  • develop your own inner empathy practice, deepening your connection to life
  • find comfort being honest

Through our work together, we will also identify, befriend and integrate your protective and wounded parts (subpersonalities, fragmented parts of our selves). 


*** Click here to schedule a session. ***


All sessions are scheduled on my availability calendar, or through prior arrangement. I prefer to receive money through Venmo (@Jaime-L-Prieto-Jr), or through your banking app with Zelle to "".  My least favorite is PayPal to "" because of the 3% service charge. A sliding scale is available if you're tight on finances -- please send an email to with your request.