• Transform Trigger-Bullets into Bouquets Jan 21, 2023

    A Taste of Connection Jan 7, 2023

    Scary Honesty with Nonviolent Communication 2/6/2021

  • NVC Dudes Highlights (Season 1)

    Online show exploring Nonviolent Communication (NVC) by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D.

    What is Nonviolent Communication?

    NVC is a way to focus our attention to facilitate connection

    Why "Nonviolent"?

    Marshall wanted to highlight the similarity with Gandhi and MLK movements for social justice

    What are Needs/Values?

    Needs represent life's desires for resources within us

    Differentiating Needs & Strategies

    Strategies are what we use/do to meet our needs

    What's Your Passion & Needs Behind Them

    Our passions guide us to what brings us the most alive

    Our "Enlightened Inner-Giraffe"

    Our Inner-Giraffe lives in the truth of our experience, knowing what will serve life the best

    What are Feelings?

    Feelings tell us the level of life fulfillment of our needs

    What are Judgments?

    Two types of judgments: 1. Moral Judgments (right/wrong), 2. Value Judgments (level of satisfaction of needs)

    Empathy for our Judgments

    Judging our judgments causes depression. Empathy for our judgments is the way out

    Sharing Power with a Talking Stick

    Taking turns is foundational to sharing power in communication

    Using Requests to Keep Flow Going

    Requests can be used to keep a conversation alive

    Hearing "No" After Making a Request

    Requests are differentiated from Demands by being okay with "No"

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1. Services Provided
Consulting, Coaching, Training, Facilitation, Guiding services and workshops are provided. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is not therapy -- not a clinical service. Nonviolent Communication is a "language of life" -- reference the book with that title by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD who founded the Center for Nonviolent Communication (www.cnvc.org), which is the certifying organization for NVC. The purpose of coaching and training is to provide information about NVC related practices. Consulting clients, coaching clients and workshop participants are responsible for their own personal emotional safety. "Wholistic NVC," "Wild NVC" and "Wild Heart" combine NVC with "Wild Mind - Field Guide to the Human Psyche" by Bill Plotkin who founded the Animas Valley Institute (www.animas.org).

2. Prices And Payment
Prices for workshops or events are listed in the website; promotional coupon codes may provide discounts to stated prices. Coupon use is required at the time of registration and may not be applied retroactively. Hourly service prices are negotiated and agreed by all parties and confirmed via email. Payment is expected before the scheduled session begins. Services scheduled may be rescheduled without penalty if done with a 24 hour notice; "no shows" forfeit payment. Hourly 1:1 sessions are not refundable.

3. Shipping And Delivery
Not applicable at this time.

4. Guarantees And Warranties
No guarantees or warranties are provided.

5. Refunds And Complaints
Requests for refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis, in a good-faith effort to acknowledge everyone's needs. The refund period for multi-week services extends to the first two sessions; no refunds are given the day after the second session. Refunds for services purchased online incur a 6% service charge to cover transaction and administration fees. Some trainings require changes to be notified some time before the event and are listed in the event description. Complaints should be directed through the Contact form on the home page; the consultant providing the service will communicate in integrity with the values of nonviolent communication (NVC). If an impasse is reached, and the stakes warrant, another NVC mediator will be used to facilitate a dialogue in addressing the complaint. Hourly 1:1 sessions are not refundable.

6. Limitation Of Liability
Liability is limited to the cost of the services provided. Not liable for any indirect damages that may occur.

7. Intellectual Property Rights
All materials provided in trainings, workshops or coaching sessions are for personal use only, and are copyrighted by Jaime "James" Prieto at Compassionate Connecting, with all rights reserved.

8. Future Changes
From time to time we may change the Terms & Conditions either because of changes in our business, or due to changes in governing law. If you opt-in to the mailing list, any changes will be included at the bottom of the next newsletter.

9. Governing Law
These Terms & Conditions follow applicable laws of the City of San Jose, the County of Santa Clara, the State of California, and the United States of America.
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