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    Besides being a book title, NVC is much more than a way of communicating. NVC is a language of life, a way of life, a consciousness of compassion, a mindfulness practice of focusing our attention on elements of our shared life experience that contribute to compassionate giving and receiving. NVC...
    In my previous post, I wrote of a metaphor for the heart as an orchestra of feelings/needs — where universal human needs are the instruments, and the feelings are the resulting music. In each moment of life, we are either celebrating our mourning the fulfillment of our needs. If our needs are...
    Feelings and needs are closely associated; two words that highlight different aspects of our life experience. Feelings tell us the character and level of intensity of the satisfaction of our needs — i.e. a level of life being wonderful or not — and there are lots of levels in between the extremes...
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    sample feelings/needs sheet

    Sample Feelings/Needs sheet

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    This sheet is a good reference for feelings and needs. Feelings tell us how well our needs are being satisfied. Needs are life energy in us seeking fulfillment.

    Link to purchase Nonviolent Communication

    Book: Nonviolent Communication

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    This is a link to Puddle Dancer Press of Marshall Rosenberg's book Nonviolent Communication -- a Language of Life

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