• Compassionate Connecting

    Guiding Toward Connection and Integration

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    Empathic Dreamwork

    integrate the heart of your unconscious wisdom on Thu Aug 15, 2024. Click here to register for this FREE Online workshop!

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    Wild Heart

    Cultivating Wholeness, Self-Healing starts Thu Aug 22, 2024

    Click here for 10-week series for Self You Always Wanted -- extending NVC through Wild Mind by Bill Plotkin. Click here to register for first FREE session.

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    Wild NVC Self-Connect and Integrate

    Sat 8/31, 9/14, 9/28, 10/19

    (FREE, in KC Loose Park)

    Exploring the Four Windows of Knowing. Click here to Register

    Wild Heart Intensive Oct 24-27

    (Oskaloosa Kansas)

    Cultivating Wholeness, Self-Healing and Integration (click here to REGISTER)

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    A Taste of Connection

    FREE Online Workshop

    Tue August 27, 2024

    Join us for an immersion experience where you'll get a taste of connection as you develop empathy. Click here to Register. Once you taste connection, you'll want more

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    Conversational Connection

    10 week Online Series

    Starts Tue Sep 10, 2024

    Practical Skills for Communicating Compassionately - click pic to register. for series. Click here for first FREE session!

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    Transform Trigger-Bullets into Bouquets 

    FREE Online Workshop Tue Jan 7, 2025

    FREE interactive workshop introducing self-empathy from Nonviolent Communication (NVC) applied to triggered situations. Click here to register.

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    Free Yourself From Reactivity

    Join Our 10-week Online Journey of Emotional Liberation on Tue January 14, 2025. Click on pic to register for series. First Session FREE!

  • Framework for Connection, Liberation and Wholeness

    Would you like Connection, Liberation and Wholeness? This offerings framework shows how to cultivate them in various contexts by staying engaged throughout the year. Each 10-week series focuses on different areas of the NVC Tree of Life (NTOL) -- offered in-person in KC and online in 2024 (each session concurrently on the same week).

  • Connection is a symphony of mutual understanding

    A shared appreciation of the harmonies co-created between two or more souls

    cooperation, collaboration and celebration

    Why Connection?

    • because we have a longing for connection - to know that we’ve been gotten, and we get the heart of what is being expressed
    • to find emotional liberation supporting the discovery, connection to and expression of our authentic self — freeing ourselves from violent reactivity and appeasement to an egocentric culture
    • to re-discover our innate participation, dependence and belonging to an evolving world in desperate need of eco-awakening, fully accepting our Earth-rooted humanity
    • to discover, cultivate and contribute our unique gifts to our communities and our shared ecology
    • to fully engage in the connecting conversation of life that arose in the dream of the Earth, remembering our individually unique place in the emergent universe
    • to share the stories worth remembering
    Photo by Adrea Dore'

    What landscapes of practice are inherited in this work?

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    Online Zoom and In-Person in the KANSAS CITY Area

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     James Prieto

    Author, Poet, CNVC Certified NVC Trainer, Wild Heart Personal Development Guide

    Guiding towards connection and integration of our natural selves by cultivating wholeness, self-healing, and compassionate communication (NVC).

    James has a Center for Nonviolent Communication trainer certification obtained in December 2014 (cnvc.org) and completed the Animas Valley Institute’s Wild Mind Training Program in July 2024 (animas.org).


    James started his career in electrical and computer engineering, satellite communications, and Agile development. After three decades in the technology industry, he unplugged to contribute to the world he'd like to live in. Click here for an extended bio.

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  • "Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a way to focus our attention in ways that support compassionate giving and receiving."

    Marshall Rosenberg

    "From now on, I choose to empathically connect with others so that I can fully respect the unique and holy experience to be found in each person every moment."

    Marshall Rosenberg, excerpt from the poem "From Now On"

    "From now on, I choose to have my actions flow from connection with nature and to direct my attention where it supports this flow."

    Marshall Rosenberg, excerpt from the poem "From Now On"

    "Our untapped inner resources are essential to the flowering of our greatest potentials, to the actualization of our true selves, and to the embodiment of the life of our very souls."

    Bill Plotking, from "Wild Mind - Field Guide to the Human Psyche"

    "God picks up the reed-flute world and blows. Each note is a need coming through one of us, a passion, a longing-pain. Remember the lips where the wind-breath originated, and let your note be clear. Don’t try to end it. Be your note."

    Excerpt by Rumi in EACH NOTE

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