Billion Star Hotel

Jaime L. Prieto, Jr.

· Conscious Living,Poetry

Stayed in Utah at a billion star hotel with no ceiling, surrounded by rocky hills in all directions; it cost me nothing, but the experience was priceless. Clear sky for a while; I spent hours gazing upward, enthralled by the exquisite detail. Later, dark clouds moved in my field of view like alien spaceships, with subtle flashes of lightning. A shooting star surprised me just before I closed my eyes to sleep.

I woke up this morning at 5 AM, a little earlier than usual. I sat facing east to greet the sun. At first light, a pack of coyotes howled forth the new day. A sliver of moon was just above the sun as the sky began its glow, bringing with it yellows slowly faded into oranges. Whoever made this place must know my heart too, because it’s bristling with awe.


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