A Quality Of Listening

by Jaime L. Prieto, Jr.

· Poetry,Conscious Living

There’s a quality of listening

That I really value.

A listening that is free

From my own stories.


And when my stories emerge

I honor them by acknowledging

The heart of what they bring.

Once they’ve been heard

An inner-peace and quietness ensues.


An openness,

A caring curiosity of you appears.

Like a strong breeze

Suddenly opening the shutters.


I know that in that moment

We are Joined by the Holy Spirit

Because I was willing

To open my eyes to my Truth.


I am fully present

And available to listen

To whatever is on your heart.

I am anchored in my Self

With the help of my Friend.


There’s a quality of listening

where I show my care

that I really value

by acknowledging you’re there.


I’m present in my body,

my mind is relatively still.

It doesn’t matter what you say,

I hear the gold inside through you.


I listen silently for the heart

of what you need —

curiously imagining

what is seeking fulfillment.


Not deterred by strategies,

those preferences of your wants.

There’s something even more beautiful

That’s worth a patient search,

A dig further down below the dirt.


It might be frustrating that i’m not giving in

to the perspective of what you think.

There’s deeper meaning in what you feel,

And in the experience of why you’re there.


With your consent we’ll go beyond the words

for the gift that can set us free

we'll go as slowly as you want

for the potential to connect.


Your intention to be heard

is met by my willingness to listen —

internal signals that I'm aware.

I’ll entertain your words

until it’s time for me to speak.

We both have a need for balance

An agreement we must keep.


I’ll let you know, when I’m ready to switch

with consideration for your care.

Something is up for me,

So you must prepare

to hear my heart as equally precious

as it felt for you to be heard —

to be gotten is delicious.

An experience that we must share.


I speak the gift of my truth with compassion

My responsible words to own what’s there.

You didn’t cause what’s in my heart

I'm just informing you because I care.


Our inner rooms contain a mystery

We pick the flowers that radiate light

Our ancestors tended the orchard

The village needs them to regain sight.


If we do this a few times

Seeking harmony within our flow

a new music will start to play

as our hearts begin to glow.


We’ll be closer as a result

It takes patience, humility and skill.

when we get to a place of connection.

it’s not a science, but a wise practice of will.


When communication is done responsibly

an honoring of each other’s gold

a new intuition emerges,

And the world moves

beyond the violence of old.



By Jaime L. Prieto, Jr.

Inspired by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., author of “Nonviolent Communication - A language of Life”

© 2023 Jaime L. Prieto, Jr., CompassionateConnecting.com, All Rights Reserved.