The Biggest Question You Are Capable of Asking Yourself

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In my self-empathy practice, I’ve noticed Inscendence has been calling my attention lately — actually for the last several years — inviting me to consider the largest question — the most meaningful and most encompassing question I could ask of myself. It seems related to the questions:

“Who am I?” and “What is the question that most addresses the longings of my heart?”

My heart’s longings seem to be motivated by old personal wounds, perhaps even generational wounds — things that happened in childhood that have been carried throughout life are energizing a thread of questions.

The wounds call out a sensitivity that I have in things that I notice in life. They guide me in a certain direction of how I might show up in the world, not only supporting my living more fully, but also bringing an energy that is vital to the life of the community. Furthermore,

"What consciousness and associated practices can I undertake to get me closer to satisfying the longings in my heart?"

"What is my unique role, my niche in my idealized nature-connected beloved community that would bring me most alive?"

“What is the intersection of what brings me most alive and what the Earth needs most?”

And “who is asking these questions?”

I continue to be open to receiving more questions while listening for answers in my inner rooms and through my dreams.

What are the biggest questions you are pondering?


The thread described by this post was facilitated by my personal journey of listening for the voice of my soul, the one that knows the questions worth asking. My offerings framed by the NVC Tree of Life support the preparation for this journey of soul initiation, through the development of connection, self-empathy skills, cultivating wholeness, and self-healing practices. Once you've got a foundational connected Self, and you hear your soul calling, you may want to check out the soul-centric offerings at Animas Valley Institute.


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