Poem: "Meet Them In The Woods"

by Jaime L. Prieto, Jr. on June 13, 2024

· Conscious Living,Nature,Poetry

Open the door
Go outside
Toward the places
Where trees grow together.


Notice the places
That call you closer.
Some will be
Off the main path.
Go closer,
Even if a bit

Say “hello”
To the beings


Perhaps a tree,
A bush, or a boulder
Calls to you.
Invite it to converse.

Tell it what matters
Most right now.

One time,
A boulder
In the shape
Of a whale
Reached toward me
From an outcrop
In a canyon.

He let me
Lay my hands
On his head.
I closed my eyes
And recounted
A dream that
Was heavy,
For me to carry.

A loved one,
Was lost.
I needed his help
In reaching her.
Would he be willing
To help out?

Activated --
The grounded network
He was immersed in.
All this was natural,
His connection to all
Earth beings
Reaching the outcroppings
Of life
Nearest to her.

Sadly, his connected influence
Reached the limit
Of concrete,
rebar and mixed rock.
My loved one needed to open the door
And walk towards the woods,
Away from the machine noises
And confusion of her routines
So she could receive
The invitation to converse,
The hand of love
Extended from the heart.

My rock friend
Then held
My tears
And my wailing,
Telling me not to despair:
“All my Earth friends
Will remember
the invitation
For all time.
She just needs
to meet them
In the woods.”


“For me the door to the woods is the door to the temple.” -- Mary Oliver