Wild NVC Self-Connect and Integrate Series on Starts Sat Aug 31, 2024 (in KC)

Wild NVC Self-Connect and Integrate Series on Starts Sat Aug 31, 2024 (in KC)

$10.00 - $40.00
Would you like to be more connected and integrated? Join us for deepening, expanding and cultivating NVC self-connection through natural Windows of Knowing.

Each month, we will meet at Loose Park in Kansas City to focus on a different Window of Knowing - you will be invited to deepen your to access each through nature-based practices.

FREE, Donation based -- No one turned away for lack of funds.
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Would you like to be more self-connected and integrated? Join us for “Wild NVC: Self-Connect and Integrate” - an opportunity to deepen, expand and cultivate self-connection with Wild Heart practices in nature 🌍.


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Wholeness is living fully from all possible dimensions of our selves. Cultivating wholeness entails identifying and developing the facets that are under-developed, while continuing to engage in practices for the facets that we're good at. This offering focuses on the four Windows of Knowing, which are the ways in which we discover and learn about the world around us. Psychologist Eligio Stephen Gallegos created the term "Windows of Knowing" for the four modalities or faculties — feeling, imagining, sensing, and thinking. Each of the four windows is of equal power and importance in living a balanced and creative life. In a separate essay, the Windows of Knowing are shown to be a generalization of Marshall Rosenberg's NVC Components.


Most of us are naturally gifted in one Window of Knowing, and are deficient in the rest. In some cases, we might even be blind to our weakest Windows of Knowing, resulting in limited perspectives and reliance on wounded, protective strategies. Join us for these outdoor sessions, which combine a bit of theory with embedded natural experiences -- concluding with a council debrief from all participants. Each session focuses on a different Window of Knowing.


"It’s time to take another look at ourselves — to re-enliven our sense of what it is to be human, to breathe new life into ancient intuitions of who we are, and to learn again to celebrate, as we once did, our instinctive affinity with the Earth community in which we’re rooted. We’re called now to rediscover what it means to be human beings in a wildly diverse world of feathered, furred, and scaled fellow creatures; flowers and forests; mountains, rivers, and oceans; wind, rain, and snow; Sun and Moon. It’s time to take an ecological and holistic look at the human psyche, to make a fresh start with Western psychology." - excerpt from "Wild Mind" by Bill Plotkin


Dates: Series meets each 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month: Aug 31, Sep 14, Sept 28, Oct 19

Time: from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM Central

These sessions introduce foundational concepts for the 

Wild Heart Intensive: Cultivating Wholeness, Self-Healing and Integration

a 4 day/3 night camping retreat Oct 24-27, 2024.


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Loose Park - on the South-West side of Loose Park Garden Center, 5200 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO 64112, near the grandmother tree  (register here for location information in reminder emails)

Wild NVC: Connect and Integrate KC - Second Saturdays Starts July 13, 2024

Desired Outcomes

  • more aliveness
  • reinvigorate your wildness and connection to nature
  • enhanced awareness of the self (through the four facets of the self)
  • knowledge of the four facets of wholeness 
  • nature practices for cultivating wholeness


  1. Introduction, Check-in Circle 
  2. Window of Knowing  
    • Saturday Aug 31 - East: Full Presence Sensing (Observation)
    • Saturday Sep 14 - South: Full Body Feeling (Feelings)
    • Saturday Sep 28 - West: Deep Imagination (Needs)
    • Saturday Oct 19 - North: Heart-Centered Thinking (Requests)
  3. Solo Wander in Nature for Cultivating Wholeness 
  4. Council Debrief 
  5. Closing


  • A chair to sit close to the ground
  • A time piece that is not your cell phone (phones requested off)
  • A notebook/journal for personal notes
  • Reusable water bottle (no single use bottles please)
  • Sun Protection: Shade hat, sunscreen, lips
  • Clothing layers to match the weather
  • A positive attitude, an open mind


* “Wild Mind - A Field Guide to the Human Psyche” by Bill Plotkin, PhD - a nature based depth psychology inspired by experiences in guiding the descent to soul since 1980, following in the lineage of Carl Jung, James Hillman, while being inspired by indigenous cultures. James Prieto is apprenticing to guiding Wild Mind through Animas Valley’s Wild Mind Training Program (see animas.org).

** "Nonviolent Communication - A Language of Life" by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. For more information, go to the Center for Nonviolent Communication.



    These are FREE offerings; Donations accepted. No one turned away for lack of funds.


    About the facilitator

    James Prieto is an author, poet, CNVC Certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Trainer, and nature-based Wild Heart guide, completing the Animas Valley Institute Wild Mind Training Program. James guides toward connection through NVC workshops and “Wild Heart” nature-based depth-psychology personal development -- inspired by Wild Mind - Field Guide to the Human Psyche by Bill Plotkin, Ph.D. He’s passionate about the intersection of Animas Valley inspired work with NVC as a way to contribute to Earth elder Joanna Macy’s “Great Turning” and Thomas Berry’s “Great Work.” Click here for extended bio.