INTEGRATION for Free Yourself - NVC Practice Group: 5 weeks 12/29 @12pm PST (Online)

INTEGRATION for Free Yourself - NVC Practice Group: 5 weeks 12/29 @12pm PST (Online)

199.00 - 349.00
This INTEGRATION NVC Practice group 5-week series is for participants of the 10-week "Free Yourself From Reactivity" series. The intention is to deepen practices, support questions, and further exploration of the concepts.

First session Wed 12/29 is FREE

Bring your real-life situations for coaching, practice, mutual support -- apply what we learned to real life. This is an interactive emergent series where we co-create an agenda.

Previous series participants invited. Please select the largest tuition possible to support the facilitator and other participants with limited financial means.
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Starting Dates: Wednesday 1/29, 1/5, 1/12, 1/19, 1/26 (5 week series)

Prerequisite: You must have participated in a 10-week Free Yourself From Reactivity Series

Times: 12:00pm to 1:30pm PST (Core Session is 1.5 hours)




  • “My experience with James and his NVC expertise has been a fun and enlightening journey! I’m in much gratitude for the multi dimensional teaching James brings to his full body yet simplistic teaching style of compassionate communication. I was open-hearted and wanted to dive deep quickly: this course was perfect for a spiritual experience of healing my souls need for connection, peace, & joy! James is a thoughtful, energetic, and intuitive teacher: I was especially impressed and appreciative of James’ out of the box thinking re: feelings & needs that incorporated a deepening connection to ones self, others, and Source/Spirit/God! Very grateful my friend recommended this course to me.” In much gratitude, Celia Hoenig, LMFT, Sep 2020

  • "This 10-week class series, 'Free Yourself From Reactivity', has been the very definition of a Life Changing Experience for me.  Taking the time to really absorb the lessons and slowly integrate the NVC strategies has been far more beneficial than simply attending a short workshop or one-day seminar.  I have found that James' class series opened my eyes & heart to a new way of interacting with the world.  I would recommend this class without hesitation to anyone who found themselves struggling to express and/or cope with their feelings & needs." -- Sep 2020
  • "I highly recommend this course. I learned many tangible skills, strategies and ways of processing that are now central to my entire family's way of communicating. This has fostered a fundamental shift in how I will endeavor to communicate with loving kindness. I highly recommend this course to couples and families. I will also be able to use these practices in my professional work with clients! I hope you sign up and take this powerful course!" Anne Hockett, Founder You!Healing International, Sep 2020
  • "Free Yourself from Reactivity was an enlightening next step in my NVC journey. I learned the process of developing my own self-management practice for Reactivity that is true to my needs. James chose appropriate material for each session that was a "curated collection" of his own vast NVC experience, going far beyond a Basic NVC Introduction. James made good use of Break Out Rooms and experientials." Sam Lebowitz, Pharmaceutical Engineer, Charlotte, NC, Sep 2020
  • "I enjoyed every session of Free Yourself From Reactivity. It moves at a comfortable and engaging pace, and James' presentations are really clear, informative and well organized. He covers some really important and impactful communication and relationship skills, and covered a lot of territory without giving me the feeling of rushing. This course is a great introduction to NVC, and provides good amounts of practice time. James is a clear, highly skilled and very caring trainer! And he attracts interesting and caring people into his classes and community. Thank. you James!", Catherine Cooley, Principal at Peaceabl, Sep 2020


Location: Zoom link provided with registration.




  • You will feel inner peace, contentment and happiness more often
  • The frequency and intensity of your triggered reactions will diminish with practice
  • You will learn tools to find and maintain self-connection, and to return more quickly when you're triggered
  • Your community and peers will notice more stability in how you show up


About the 5-week Series:

We will meet as a group once a week for 1.5 hours. Sessions will start with self-connection practices, followed by check-ins. You, as a participant, will request the work you'd like to do, or any questions that you'd like to ask. The facilitator will prioritize the list and work through them with participants using Nonviolent Communication.


Review Learning Objectives:


  • Recognize when you're triggered into unconscious reactions
  • Identify your types of unconscious reactions
  • Discover strategies to interrupt reactions
  • Make conscious choices to take personal responsibility of thoughts, judgments, feelings, needs
  • Recognize and step out of your preferred role in the Karpman Drama Triangle
  • Identify the stories, judgments, implicit bias that you hold
  • Translate judgmental thoughts to uncover your personal truth
  • Iterate through your experiences to identify core needs/values
  • Transform regret into self-forgiveness and peace
  • Develop awareness and fluency of your universal human needs/values
  • Develop your own daily self-connection practice to free yourself from reactivity
  • Tap into your natural curiosity, creativity and insight -- listen for strategies
  • Create clear-doable strategies for meeting your needs/values

Zoom link provided with registration.


Note: Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is not therapy -- not a clinical service. Nonviolent Communication is a "language of life" -- reference the book with that title by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. The purpose of this training is to provide information and practices for NVC self-connection. While you're invited to bring real life triggers, we will only work with feelings of intensity 5 or less out of 10 (being the most intense) -- i.e. not working with trauma. Participants are responsible for their own personal safety.


Requesting $199 for 5 sessions (effectively $40 per session) -- special pricing available for "Low Income/Students". First session is Free (same Zoom as previous series -- email me if need Zoom link). You may also send money through PayPal to (as friend to avoid fee), PayPal with a fee, or Venmo @Jaime-Prieto-8.


About the facilitator:  Hi, I'm James Prieto. I enjoy facilitating dynamic interactive workshops with experiential learning. I blend structure along with organic back and forth covering the material using improv. I've been practicing NVC since 2002, and have been facilitating NVC since 2005. I received NVC trainer certification from the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) in 2014, which took about 3 years to complete. I've had over 100 days training with experienced teachers Marshall Rosenberg (creator of NVC), Mary Mackenzie, Robert Gonzales, Jim & Jori Manske, Roxy Manning, Kirsten Kristensen and others as part of my growth journey. NVC is my passion and way of life. I'm dedicated full time to bringing NVC to individuals and organizations in Silicon Valley and online. For more information on my offerings, go to

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1. Services Provided
Consulting, Coaching, Training, Facilitation services are provided. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is not therapy -- not a clinical service. Nonviolent Communication is a "language of life" -- reference the book with that title by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. The purpose of coaching and training is to provide information about NVC related practices. While you may be invited to bring real life situations for practice, we will only work with feelings of intensity 5 or less out of 10 (being the most intense) -- i.e. not working with trauma. Consulting clients, coaching clients and workshop participants are responsible for their own personal emotional safety.

2. Prices And Payment
Prices for workshops or events are listed in the website; promotional coupon codes may provide discounts to stated prices. Coupon use is required at the time of registration and may not be applied retroactively. Hourly service prices are negotiated and agreed by all parties and confirmed via email. Payment is expected before the scheduled session begins. Services scheduled may be rescheduled without penalty if done with a 24 hour notice; "no shows" forfeit payment. Hourly 1:1 sessions are not refundable.

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No guarantees or warranties are provided.

5. Refunds And Complaints
Requests for refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis, in a good-faith effort to acknowledge everyone's needs. The refund period for multi-week services extends to the first two sessions; no refunds are given the day after the second session. Refunds for services purchased online incur a 6% service charge to cover transaction and administration fees. Some trainings require changes to be notified some time before the event and are listed in the event description. Complaints should be directed through the Contact form on the home page; the consultant providing the service will communicate in integrity with the values of nonviolent communication (NVC). If an impasse is reached, and the stakes warrant, another NVC mediator will be used to facilitate a dialogue in addressing the complaint. Hourly 1:1 sessions are not refundable.

6. Limitation Of Liability
Liability is limited to the cost of the services provided. Not liable for any indirect damages that may occur.

7. Intellectual Property Rights
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9. Governing Law
These Terms & Conditions follow applicable laws of the City of San Jose, the County of Santa Clara, the State of California, and the United States of America.
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