Men's Nature Immersion Oct 3 - 6, 2019 in Sierra Nevada range
$1.00 - $400.00
Join us men* for a nature immersion experience near and amidst Giant Sequoias in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Our intention is to grow deeper into ourselves and our interdependence, through connecting among us, Mother Nature and Father Sky. One of our quests is to listen for the gentle voice connecting us to our life purpose through an openness to soul encounter. We're limited to 10 registrants total.
Ability and equipment to backpack 2 miles is required; some equipment available for loan.
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* We’re open to LGBTQ who identify as male.
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Mellow Offering $290
Comfortable Offering $350
Refreshed Offering $400
Centered Non-Cash Gift $1
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We’ll combine Nonviolent Communication, Men’s Work (a la Mankind Project, Animas Valley, etc.), meditation, yoga, shared responsibility (e.g., food preparation and clean-up) and other soul-craft practices.
We’ll invite our wild primal connection to nature to remind us of who we are by learning, becoming more comfortable with ourselves, and how we show up in our personal journey.
Through ritual and ceremony that mark different times of day, we’ll leverage authentic relating through council and conversation, where each man’s experience is honored and encouraged. We will encourage you to release and let go of that which no longer serves you, in order to stand in greater integrity to your true self.
We plan on providing vegetarian meals in an effort to support planetary sustainability, as we strive to live in harmony with nature, and thus request this. However, if you feel strongly about eating animals, bring your own. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.
This event is limited to 10 men (and 2 guides). In order for us to commit a space to you, we need your commitment to showing up by your advance gift of cash or your time. Payment is considered a deposit. Your registration is NOT complete until you fill out your health questionnaire and personal release form.
We offer this immersion with joy as we are fed by contributing to others’ growth, connecting with others, and promoting sustainability of our planet. We also desire to sustain our ability to make offerings like this.
A) Cash gifts to us. We envision that most participants will gift us between $290 and $650. The first $290 reserves your spot and is non-refundable after September 15, 2019. You are welcome to decide during or after our time together how much over $290 you might feel moved to gift.
B) Non-cash gifts to the world.  Wealth comes in many forms other than  money.  One of the first five slots and then another one of the second five slots are available without payment in cash or to us, by using six hours of your time that would not have been otherwise gifted for others, doing acts that build compassionate interdependence:
* Kindness Wealth.  Do seven acts of kindness, spread some cheer and send us photos.
* Silence Wealth.  Meditate.  
* Community Wealth.  Build community relationships.
* Nature Wealth.  Restore some aspect of an ecosystem.
To request more details about how you might participate using your choice of alternative capital and the verification (such as photos, insights, stories, etc.) we would like, email Joe at  
Why do we accept alternative forms of capital?  (1) Money is a form of wealth, but there are many other kinds of capital, such as time, community, and presence.  (2) Generosity isn't a luxury sport. "There are a thousand ways to kneel" (Rumi) and a million ways to contribute.   (3) Most people think that, if people are trusted to give, we'll have a “tragedy of the commons.” We're testing, practicing and spreading the revolutionary theory of giftivism.
The Guides:
James Prieto has a daily wandering in nature practice. He started his men’s work journey in 1996. He went through his first Men’s Rite of Passage at Julian in 2011 through Illuman. More recently, he completed his Mankind Project New Warrior Training Adventure in 2017, and has been an active participant of a men’s integration group since October 2016. James has been practicing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) since 2001, and has been facilitating NVC since 2005. He received his CNVC trainer certification in 2014. He facilitated NVC for the Momentum Fall Retreat “Going Deeper” in Sept 2018, with over 50 men. James is currently passionate about wholeness through nature immersion processes in the spirit of Animas Valley, founded by the depth psychologist, nature guide and author Bill Plotkin.
Joe “Water Dog” Houska’s earliest memory is camping in Yosemite Valley when he was 2 years old. He continued to camp often, becoming an Eagle Scout along the way. He has led several backpacking trips, climbed the face of Half-Dome and the (snow-covered) Mountaineer’s Route on Mount Whitney, fished commercially in Kodiak, Alaska, lived with his family on a sailboat for over five months in Mexico, and twice served at Standing Rock as a water protector. Joe has journeyed for an 11-day nature-based soul initiation with the Animas Valley Institute, and studied meditation under Shinzen Young (who wrote Science of Enlightenment). Currently, Joe is a River Advocate and training to be a whitewater rafting guide for Friends of the River and working toward becoming a CNVC Certified Trainer for Nonviolent Communication. More importantly, Joe is listening to a call that he hears from time to time while among trees.
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